About us


In our Neumarkt plant (Bavaria) we are using several extruders to produce pipes and profiles – mainly from PVC but also from PE. For many years, we are certified and ensure the continuous development of our quality management system. Most of our plastics products which primarily protect cables or other valuable infrastructural goods we sell to German and French clients.


We want to work with our customers to continuously develop our products to deliver ongoing improvements in quality. We recognize the needs of our customers and work with them in partnership on individual solutions to meet their immediate and long-term goals.


Quality is only possible to the outside, even if the quality is inward. The commitment to quality is our mission. Through the establishment of a quality management system based on ISO 9001, which is regularly monitored by the LGA Bayern, we want to raise the level of our work and minimize errors.







    The origins of the KTN Kunststoff-Technik

    Neumarkt GmbH go back to the traditional company

    Pfleiderer, which was founded as a timber business by Gustav Adolf Pfleiderer in

    Heilbronn/Neckar in 1894.

  • In 1944, the headquarters moved to 

    Neumarkt / Oberpfalz.

  • In 1973, the family-owned company Pfleiderer
    started production of plastic products.


  • In 1997, Pfleiderer was restructed and became a jointed-stock company.

    76% of the shares remained in the ownership of the


  • Following to a re-organization of the Pfleiderer group in 2000,
    its plastic division became an independent actvity and newly developed
    products for ventilation and cleaning of waste water as well as for
    the recruitment and retention of water were added to this division.


  • In 2005, a group of investors around the Hans Theodor Pfleiderer

    Unternehmensverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG acquired the business and established it as an independent company with the name Pfleiderer water systems GmbH.

    This company, based on self-developed patents,
    offered products and intelligent concepts for
    demand-based and environmentally friendly use
    of water as well as extruded plastic tubes and profiles.


  • In 2012, the shareholders approved a policy change
    that primary business is to focus on developing,
    manufacturing and marketing of plastics engineering
    products and to continue the sales of products and
    systems for water treatment as a trading business.


  • In order to express this realigment significantly,
    the company has received with effect from

    1st September 2012 the new name
    „KTN Kunststoff-Technik Neumarkt GmbH"
    and a new company logo.

    On 26th September 2013, the Aclear GmbH
    from Nuremberg acquires 100 % of the shares
    on the KTN Kunststoff-Technik Neumarkt GmbH.
    Managing Director of the Aclear GmbH is the former
    director of the Pfleiderer water systems (nowadays
    KTN Kunststoff-Technik Neumarkt GmbH) who was
    head of this company for many years:
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Antonio Giangrasso.