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Due to our extensive experience, we are regarded by our customers as a specialist in extruded pipes and profiles made from PVC or PE. We have placed our emphasis on the protection of valuable infrastructure goods, thus we mainly supply cable conduits and triangular borders. We also protect the building stock by our drainage and sewage pipes. Innovative track and turf protection systems are rounding out our product range.


  • Our PVC pipes are used for protection of cable systems against mechanical damage. Our long experience in the extrusion and tool making areas ensure a very consistent quality of pipes with tight dimensional tolerances.



    Produkt data sheets


    DIN 16873 and 16875




    Many privately organised companies in the energy supply, telecommunications infrastructure and municipal sectors are so convinced of our product and service quality that we are happy and proud to keep many long-standing relationships to our clients.


    We manufacture cable conduits in a standard length of 6 meters – primarily for the German and French markets. Further details on outside diameter, wall thickness and weight are shown in a separate information sheet in which we inform you about our standard range of accessories for cable conduits.


    Our cable conduits are manufactured in impact resistant or high-impact resistant PVC-u in accordance with DIN 16875. This material is largely shatter and break-proof, frost-resistant, very dimensionally stable and resistant to all chemicals occurring in soils. Other positive features are good aging stability, retention of color, relatively low weight and good electrical insulation properties.



    PVC cable conduits of KTN Kunststoff-Technik Neumarkt GmbH have smooth interior and exterior surfaces, they are highly resilient when driven in the axial direction and can safely absorb restoring forces from the ground thanks to their high crushing strength. In addition, they are easy to machine, have good sliding properties when laying and excellent electrical insulating properties. The use of proper materials ensures safe protection and long term reliability.






  • As elements of protection systems drainage and sewage pipes of KTN Kunststoff-Technik Neumarkt GmbH support to keep water from surrounding structures and purposefully derive. Particularly, areas touching the earth and the foundation walls must be protected from ingress of water. In DIN 4095 is defined which requirements must be met by drainage systems for buildings.

    In functional drainage systems on buildings the areas touching the earth foundation and walls are covered with a water-permeable layer, from which the water penetrating through PVC pipe is derived. Since these pipes must withstand a slight positive pressure of at least 0.2 meters of water head, only pipes with a corresponding compressive strength supplied as lengths tubes come are used for buildings.


    Our pipes are also used in the construction of drainage systems in the agricultural sector; as so-called sucker flexible corrugated pipes with longitudinal slots are preferred. The collected water will be lead through pipe systems – named as collectors – to ditches or streams.






  • Our triangular strips are produced with or without nail flag and consist either of PE or PVC. PE triangular strips can be processed with pneumatic nailers without tearing them. They are flexible, bendable, and due to their high impact strength even usable at temperatures well below freezing. Since they are free from heavy metals and halogens, they can be disposed of easily. 


    According to your personal preferences, we can produce not only flat, solid and hollow profiles but we also manufacture selected surface treatments and demand-oriented products as well.


    Our proprietary tool making and comprehensive inventory of popular basic types guarantee flexibility and short delivery times. Careful selection of materials and continuous production monitoring ensure a high level of quality and compliance with the relevant standards.




  • Building pipes of KTN Kunststoff-Technik Neumarkt GmbH are primarily used in the construction industry (e.g. in precast concrete plants) as a placeholder for required circular apertures at the floor / wall / ceiling. From the standard length of 3 meters the required lengths can very easy be produced using a chop saw. Other advantages of this product are its compressive strength and its low price.


    This product range is complemented by matching end caps.


  • This transportable road system made of PE-HD is suitable for heavy goods traffic, it is easy to unroll and thereby it can be transported space-saving. The lateral end caps prevent ingress of water and soil. Rollaroad™ can be easily cleaned by hand or with a high-pressure cleaner.

    In the following fields of application Rollaroad™ has been used with success:


    - temporary streets
    - site of roadworks / building sites
    - military purposes
    - car parks
    - exhibitions
    - access to lakes and seas
    - crane-pads
    - heliports
    - loose and sandy soil


    The special advantages of Rollaroad™ are:


    - quickly transferable
    - light
    - weatherproof
    - non slippery
    - capacity up to 45 tons
    - world wide in action for years
    - obtainable in all colours and lengths



    Rollaroad™ Technical Data:

    material PE-HD
    width 3 m or on request
    length on customer demand and easy to put together
    weight 52,8 kg / linear meter (3 m x 1 m)
    operation temperature from 50°C on the surface to -20°C
    cleaning with common cleaning device


    After extensive testing, Rollaroad ™ is recommended by the University of Munich and the DERA (Defence Evaluation and Research Agency).


  • Rollaway is the professional grass protection system for medium heavy loads. Rollaway is a soil cover system for the protection of green areas from damage of light to medium heavy loadings – for example in football stadiums, parks gardens, horse show spaces, arenas, roads for cars, base for stages / stands / catering booths, audience areas.
    Rollaway optimally protects sensitive lawn in football stadiums and park gardens because of the ribbed profile on the bottom side. This distributes all weights constantly at the subsurface and allows due to a hole systems on the surface an efficient aeration of the covered area.

    The ribbed profile distributes weight evenly across the grass, whilst allowing air and water to reach the covered surface. Even stages, grandstands or catering stands are not a problem for Rollaway.

    Rollaway™ ist bereits mit Erfolg in folgenden Einsatzgebieten verwendet worden:


    - football stadiums
    - Horse Show places
    - Park and gardens


    Rollaway™ zeichnet sich durch viele Vorzüge aus: 


    - Easily rollable
    - Low weight
    - durable




    Rollaway™ Technical Data:

    material HD-PE
    weight approx. 12 kg/sq. metre
    standard dimensions 13.00 m x 2.40 m / track (connectable), custom dimensions following consultation
    accessoires Longitudinal connector = expansion joint
    loading withstands up to 4000 kg/m² (depending on the underground)


    Made of PE or PVC for mechanical protection and for optical warning effect against damages of supply- and communication cables which are laid in the earth.