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The KTN Kunststoff-Technik Neumarkt GmbH offers patented products for aeration and biological activation of sewage as well as for water storage. With these components we help to protect water -the source of life- by an efficient use of water, meaning in line with its demand and of course environmentally friendly.


  • The newair® product family consists of different tube and disc diffusers which find application in various fields. The newair® diffusers made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) are above all used in sewage works and offer several advantages:





    - energy-saving- reduction of energy costs up to 25 %

    - high airflow
    - low head loss
    - high oxygen transfer
    - compatibility with all systems - especially for all sewage works
    - break-proof - easy to install 

    - very good chemical resitance
    - low-maintenance




    newair® diffusers made of HDPE are restant to all common chemical influences in sewage works – also in very chalky regions. In addition, they are robust while handling, installing and operating them. Its special composition of raw materials ensures a regular dispersion of bubbles with maximal oxygen transfer and low head loss.


    (The pictures show our installation at the sewage works in Fürth/Bavaria)




    For further information on these components for water and wastewater treatment, please follow these links: 

    newair® tube diffuser HDPE 

    newair® disc diffuser HDPE



    Our newair® diffusers with membranes made of EPDM(Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Monomer) are primarily used for intermittent operations in sewage works. Their advatages are: low installation costs, high reliability, moderate need of maintenance and inexpensive construction. For more information on these components follow these links:

    newair® tube diffuser EPDM

    newair® disc diffuser EPDM

    newair® tube diffuser Tuboflex EPDM


    newair® disc diffuser Ecoflex EPDM



    Our newair® diffusers with menbranes made of silicon are  primarily used for the biological

    activation of chemical waste water. For more information please follow this links:   

    newair® tube diffuser Silicon

    newair® disc diffuser Silicon

    newair® tube diffuser Tuboflex Silicon

    newair® disc diffuser Ecoflex Silicon

  • In waste water treatment microorganism are of particular importance because they are able to degrade pollutants. The biomass in the tanks can be atificially increased by the use of bacteria carrier material.

    Bakterienträgermaterial künstlich erhöhen lassen.


    newpond® is a bacteria carrier with a specific surface which meets all demands on a modern and high-efficient bacteria material. Micro-organisms grow at best in so-called biofilms. These slimy films adhere whereever they find a surface where they can attach to. On the carrier, a biofilm develops which is made up of several layers. The living conditions within these layers are in parts quite different. 

    A plenty of pollutants can be degraded on this way.



    Further information on our bacteria carrier material for the biological activation of waste water can be found here:

      newpond® bacteria carrier material  
  • newpor®grey-brown is a long-living ceramic granulate which stores water for plants and improves the quality of earth. Its high porosity offers a maximal surface for the storage of water. One kilogram of newpor®grey-brown is able to store up to 900 ml water and reduces its evaporation. Due the fact that the capillary power of roots can absorb the water from the granulate, the plants always get exactly and efficiently the quantity of water they need.

    newpor®grey-brown is even able to take its humidity out of the soil despite gravity. This granulate can be used for large land use like vegetable patches (spices, vegetables), plantations (bushes, shrubs, perennial plants, fruit trees) and green spaces. It will be added in concentrated form to the area around the roots and mixed with soil.

    The use of newpor®grey-brown is suitable for plant breeding above all in warmer regions. This ecological product protects the ground from excessive use of water by prevention of evaporation and seepage. In addition, the high capacity of water storage of newpor®grey-brown eanables unsteady intervals of irrigation. Due to this high storage capacity of the granulate the plants endure even short dry seasons. Newpor®grey-brown is pH-neutral and suitable for all kind of plants.



    The main advatages of our granulate in the field of gardening, rural conservation and plant breeding is the high reduction of the use of water as well as the working time. After the -very easy- addition of newpor® grey-brown to the soil around the roots of plants, the land needs up to 50% less of water.




    Further advantages of newpor® grey-brown:

    - can be used for all plants inside and outside

    - can store large quatities of water and liquid minerals

    - its ph-neutral and long-life

    - uses the complete pore volume for the plants

    - its environmental friendliness.




    Test with a glass of water

    The Test with a glass of water clearly shows the different access of water of   newpor® grey-brown and expanded clay aggregate due to differences of porosity.


    The grains of both materials are filled in a glass of water and can be analysed in terms of their floating/sinking behaviour.


    All newpor® grey-brown grains are siniking. 100% of the porosity is accessible for the water storage.

    Almost all grains of the expanded clay aggregate are swimming on the surface, providing that the porosity is inaccessible for water. Inside the grains there are one or more cavities which can not absorb water due to a thick external leaf.

    Compared to other materials,

    newpor® has a high capacity for the storage of water. Therefore the plants have a high reserve of water at their disposal.


    Due to the high porosity and the optimal size of the pores, newpor® grey-brown keep the water much longer than other materials used for water storage.

    If the expanded clay aggregate is replaced by brick fragments in the test, a similar result can be stated:

    A high number of the brick fragments do not sink, because of the fact that not all grains have an accessible porosity.


    Compared to brick fragments, newpor® grey-brown has a better capacity to store water.




    Instructions for the use of newpor® grey-brown:

    - prepare the ground and draw patches

    - fill newpor® grey-brown granulate into a bucket of water
    - create a mixture of 90% soil and 10% newpor® grey-brown
    - give this mixture of soil and newpor® grey-brown to the area around the roots of the plants and

    - cover it with one layer humus
    - bed out the plants and fix them with humus
    - water them immediately and add fertilizer
    - further watering in accordance with given instructions


    Example: Dubrovnik A scree slope tended to slip down to the valley. Newpor® grey-brown could give the basis to a renaturalisation and prevent the slope from slipping.


    4. slope after 6 month
    5. slope after 12 month






     Further information on our newpor® grey-brown you can found here:

     Newpor grey- brown granulate for waterstorage